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Monday, October 18, 2004

Bob the Builder

I write this to the strains of one of the children's alleged favourite videos blaring on our tv/video combi in my nearby bedroom... Ooh, I can't wait for them to grow into some decent programes hehe... Maybe then we can all enjoy a good episode of Newsnight or Question Time.

So, today. Well, it happened. Am delighted it's over and I'm back home. Work was busy - meetings in and out of the office. Needless to say I slept in. Deliberately. Then I ambled around various meetings feigning interest in some and, to my surprise, having interest in others. Bought lunch; as it was so cold outside I actually made time for lunch and bought myself some hot sustenance (lentil soup and macaroni cheese) which I later ate cold as I got caught up in a chat with people about something or other in the office. I'm not 'fully engaged' at work at the moment, which is a shame as it's so incredibly busy.

I'm permanently distracted by things and suffering from extreme paranioa and insecurity. I'm sure of that, I think.

Came home to a family filled with the dreaded lurgy. Oh dear, fractious little boys, full o f green gloop. Poor things. And now? Dinner, if we can ever decide what to cook. No wine tonight. Had too much last night, began to imagine that I was Keith Floyd (or at least sharing his liver).

And so to our next course...


At Mon Oct 18, 08:47:00 pm, Blogger Joe said...

You should be paranoid. They are all out to get you.

At Tue Oct 19, 07:27:00 pm, Blogger Lili said...

Welcome to blogger land!
~ a friend of Joe' it goes


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