The Story So Far...

Sunday, October 17, 2004

In the beginning

There was me. And here I am. What are these blog things anyway? My god, you'd think after all these years I would have a) known what a blog is and b) realised that I didn't need to have one in order to feel fulfilled as a human being. And yet.... here I am. This is the beginning.

It's a dreary Sunday (aren't all Sundays, by definition, dreary?) and I'm viewing, with no small sense of despondency, the prospect of the week ahead. Oh yes, I forgot you don't know anything about me yet. Well, I'm married with two beautiful sons (I know, all parents say that their children are beautiful but in this case, of course, it's true) and I live in Scotland*.

*Invaluable lesson for those not from Europe - Scotland is one of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom. It is not independent from the other three countries but it does have its own laws and Parliament. This parliament was restored in 1999 following almost 300 years of being governed centrally by the Westminster Parliament in London, England. Never presume that Scotland is a part of England.

I work an inordinate amount of time, for reasonable financial reward, undertaking lots of travelling, pointless meetings and engaging in conversations about things which neither party has any particular interest in but it does rather pass the time of day. Beyond work, I involve myself in far too much messing about on the internet, drinking either a) lots of alcohol or b) lots of water, somehow missing out on time with my family even though I'm in the same house as them and watching television (It's addictive, I'm convinced. Something to do with radiation...). The drinking lots of a) or b) is also addictive. However, it's cause is completely associated with guilt - in term of a) the guilt is about not doing enough at work and/or at home. In terms of b) it's about having undertaken option a) a lot.

Well, there you are, I'm a thirty-something (now that would be telling!) Scottish male with a penchant for the ridiculous turn of phrase and, oh yes, a really, really nice family. More on this later. Welcome to the story so far...


At Mon Oct 18, 08:51:00 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Au contraire, my Sunday was more gorey and spooky than dreary since I went off to watch a nice Korean horror flick. And a couple of ales to help me consider it afterwards. One must always do something to avoid the Long Dark Teatime of the Soul on a Sunday :-)

At Sun Jan 16, 06:05:00 am, Blogger kerbistani said...

Is there nothing better to do in Scotland than watch television? You might as well be in America, then. What difference does it make where you're watching television? Wanna trade places?


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